Which cannabis seeds are female?

In commercial production, marijuana plants are all genetically female; male plants are destroyed as seed formation reduces quality. As a general rule, you can't tell what gender marijuana seeds are just by looking at them. Even feminized marijuana seeds are 99.99999% sure of being feminine. The only way to know which marijuana seeds are female is through germination.

After two or three weeks, you'll see the male or female flowers and this is the only way to know for sure which marijuana seeds are female. Our wide selection of feminized cannabis seeds has been expertly cultivated to produce only female cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants are guaranteed to provide cannabinoid-rich flowers for growers to harvest. That's why we've selected the best female varieties for beginners (and experienced growers) for their ease of growth, THC content, flavors and effects, and more.

Get ready to get up to 18 ounces of buds from a single 3 × 3 foot surface, making it one of the best feminized cannabis seeds for beginners looking to get the most out of their first harvest. When growing outdoors, keep in mind that this isn't the most discreet variety, and plants can grow up to 10 feet tall in some cases. Well, the AK-47 is more suitable for growers who have already made one or two harvests (in other words, not recommended for newbies). With a THC content of 15%, the strain offers good value for money, especially considering that 500 g can be obtained per plant.

If you're thinking of buying a pack of these seeds with a high THC content, consider buying it at ILGM. In addition to being one of the best places to buy seeds online, the seed bank is currently offering a buy 10 and get 10 offer. Under ideal conditions, i.e. dry and warm, Jack Herer plants grow quickly and can reach 16 inches in just a few weeks.

In particular, we believe that ILGM's Buy 10 Get 10 Free offers are the first thing beginners should consider if they want to save big. Do you have more questions about how to get the best cannabis seeds that suit your novice level? (*jokes*) If you're looking for quality autoflowering seeds, we recommend that you check out ILGM autoflowering seeds, all feminized (this way you'll avoid the hassle of male plants). Of the three, colloidal silver is the easiest and consists of spraying it on a female plant for 10 days during the flowering process. From there, use pollen from the colloidally sprayed plant to pollinate regular female plants.

ILGM offers free seeds and a 10% discount when paying with Bitcoin. As if that weren't enough, the seed bank is one of the few that offers free shipping on all orders. Marijuana seeds take 10 to 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Growing times can change dramatically depending on several factors, such as the cannabis strain, the growing environment, weather conditions and the time of year.

The seeds are only produced by female cannabis plants after a male plant pollinates them. To grow your own seeds, you'll need the female plants that produce the seeds, as well as a male plant to fertilize the female plants. It's as simple as placing the male plant close to the female plant you want to fertilize. The seeds will appear in about 4-6 weeks.

This can be a complicated process, with a lot of uncertainty, so many people choose to buy feminized seeds instead. Cannabis plants that are naturally pollinated or with traditional breeding techniques can produce male or female seeds. They are known as regular seeds and, as in most species, are produced with an almost uniform division between the two sexes. This means that cannabis growers who start with standard seeds have approximately a 50% chance of producing one female plant from each.

The AK-47 is also known for having a consistent and reliable buzz, making it an excellent choice if you want to avoid the harsh exhaustion typical of indica-dominant cannabis strains. When trimmed, AK-47 cannabis plants become quite compact, making them ideal for a small closet or garage. Unlike feminized marijuana seeds, with normal cannabis seeds, half or more of the seeds can grow into male plants, which do not produce buds. If grown outdoors, the harvest season is in October, which means you should plant these feminized cannabis seeds 53 to 63 days in advance.

Good to know: these cannabis seeds are resistant to mold, so they can withstand slightly higher moisture levels than most. It is advisable to start growing with feminized marijuana seeds, this means that the final plant will have no undesirable surprises, such as marijuana seeds that reduce potency, since there are only female marijuana plants. Growing cannabis at home is legal in an increasing number of states and provinces in the United States and Canada. It's also considered one of the best feminized cannabis strains if you suffer from chronic pain, which explains how they've become so popular in the medical marijuana scene.

Male plants essentially produce pollen, which is necessary for cannabis plants to reproduce naturally; seeds are produced when there are male plants in the mix. This is why many cannabis experts haven't yet made the leap from regular to feminized marijuana; they prefer to harvest a little less yield, which is more potent and delicious. Well, these feminized cannabis seeds can produce a substantial yield if you control their growth and use techniques that reduce stress. Learning to choose cannabis seeds doesn't have to be complicated: learn the basic facts here.

You should know how to differentiate male plants from female plants by growing regular seeds, since you will only get real psychoactive herb from female flowers. . .

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