Is cannabis a good investment in canada?

Village Farms International (VFF) is a greenhouse producer that markets and sells a variety of products through its subsidiary, Pure Sunfarms. In a fairly positive development for Pure Sunfarms, the company received EU GMP certification for the company's 1.1 million square foot production plant in British Columbia. This means that Pure Sunfarms can export medical cannabis to importers and distributors in markets that require certification. The cannabis industry in Canada is huge, with more than 14 million packaged units of cannabis sold, according to the latest report by the Government of Canada.

Dry cannabis is the majority of cannabis sales in Canada. The answer is a resounding no for risk-averse investors. Many of the challenges of the past year have not disappeared and most cannabis stocks are still very risky. Marijuana stocks stagnated last year, making investors skeptical of the The massive sale was mainly due to market attitude related to the lack of positive movements in the U.S.

UU. If overall stock performance is overlooked, American cannabis companies had an excellent year, increasing revenues at an outstanding rate. Most of them were even profitable. It's worth it for investors to research and learn about the risks and potential benefits of investing in space.

The stocks chosen for this list include nine cannabis stocks with Cantor Fitzgerald's “overweight” ratings, among the company's 24 total cannabis stocks covered by the company's analysts. This law allows financial institutions, such as banks, to do business with cannabis companies that are licensed in states that allow cannabis for recreational or medical use. A cannabis ETF gives you exposure to several different cannabis stocks and takes the guesswork out of choosing which stocks to bet on. And among the Canadian stocks on this list, Clever Leaves is a major global cannabis producer based in Colombia, with cultivation and extraction operations in Colombia, cultivation facilities in Portugal and a distribution network in Europe.

However, if you're not too familiar with or new to the cannabis space, it might be a good idea to take a look at cannabis exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Cannabis-related sales have already surpassed all of Starbucks coffee sales in North America. He says the action has “optionality” from several eastern states that could soon vote in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. All the company needs to do to keep earning is to find more cannabis properties to buy and re-lease to operators.

Overall, choosing the right US cannabis stocks could prove lucrative if the plant is legalized federally. Growers have benefited from the current state-by-state legalization of cannabis, and there has been little significant progress in domestic cannabis reform. Green Thumb “operates strategically in states with strong medical cannabis markets with a push for future recreational legalization,” says Inton. “Two of its major markets, Illinois and Massachusetts, have already legalized recreational sales.

Cantor Fitzgerald analysts see greater opportunities for long-term cannabis investors north of the border, in Canada. WM Technology operates the leading online cannabis marketplace and offers a full suite of e-commerce and compliance software solutions for cannabis companies. However, there has been steady, albeit slow, gradual growth in the country's cannabis industry, and patient access continues to expand along with public support for legalization. .

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