Can cannabis plant survive frost?

A severe frost is definitely a bad thing for a cannabis plant and can kill it quickly. On the other hand, a light frost is not usually a death sentence and many plant varieties recover unharmed. THC will not be affected by frost. However, plant tissue may suffer some damage.

Temperatures that fall below 48.2° F (9° C) generally affect the marijuana plant in some way. The leaves will be damaged and must repair themselves before they resume growth or maturation, a process that could take a few days of good weather to complete. If the cold persists for several days, the damage to the plant multiplies because it weakens and is less and less able to repair itself. Cannabis plants can withstand a slight frost, but the deeper the freeze, the stronger the damage.

However, with that said, it's always worth seeing if your plant recovers, you'll be amazed at what they can endure. Cannabis is a plant that loves to be warm, of course, but that doesn't mean you can't grow it in other climates. With a little preparation, sufficient knowledge and just a pinch of technical skill, you may be able to grow healthy cannabis plants even in cold conditions. Dear BB, your friend is giving you a bad impression.

Plants left outside during a frost will start to die very quickly. The degeneration of plant matter, especially trichomes containing THC and other psychoactive essential oils, begins immediately and any prolonged exposure to intense cold will quickly end with plant loss. Yesterday I saw seeds developing in the female, so the fertilization is successful, now it's just a race between the climate and the nature of the plant. Although the nickname “marijuana” has some very suitable applications for cannabis, growing premium cannabis isn't like growing tomatoes: you can't just put a seed in some soil on a window sill and expect to harvest buds in a few months.

Hemp should be tougher than conventional cannabis, but it still doesn't tolerate prolonged periods of extreme cold. When cannabis plants freeze, the water inside the walls of the plant freezes, damaging the plant's cells. This micronutrient is vital for the proper development of the cannabis plant and if the substrate is above 18 ºC, the plant will most likely not absorb this element. Like any plant, cannabis cannot last too long without watering, but it can reappear after a low period.

While there is no doubt that there are ideal conditions for growing cannabis plants, they are surprisingly resistant to environmental stressors, such as damage and temperature fluctuations. For lovers of bright colors, another advantage of the cold climate compared to growing cannabis is the wonderful variety of autumnal tones caused by low temperatures in certain genetics. Five days of healing and I cleaned it and trimmed it, I got a bunch of seeds for next year and a good stash of cannabis, quite stony even though it wasn't without seeds. Different types of cannabis grow best in different climates and are stressed by factors (such as humidity or heat) that are foreign to them.

As already mentioned, cold temperatures can be very harmful to cannabis plants, especially in their early stages of development. Again, if the weather isn't good, I would let them sit for at least a week or more, but since this is the first time I've grown cannabis for seeds, I'm not sure how to know when they should be extracted, especially considering the rain that's coming in the immediate future. Whether you buy cannabis seeds online or clones at a dispensary, it's important to understand the ideal growing conditions and the tolerance level of each plant. .

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