Are there perennial cannabis plants?

Traditionally, cannabis plants are not perennial plants but annuals. Therefore, cannabis plants can only undergo a single cultivation cycle and only last one growing season. Since cannabis is the result of seeds rather than root systems, it makes it an annual crop. Growing cannabis in pots adds tremendous interest to any patio or seating area, and ensures that people with limited space can enjoy the joy of growing marijuana.

Be careful not to place cannabis plants too close to more delicate herbs or vegetables, such as carrots, that may be displaced. Only female plants produce flowers with high levels of cannabinoids, so you should know how to differentiate between male and female plants. However, it's hard to say how many vegetative, flowering to vegetative periods a cannabis plant can tolerate. Reaching heights of up to 13 feet, cannabis plants can steal the spotlight from the rest of the garden.

Many cannabis experts accept the fact that Cannabis ruderalis is a species in its own right because of its characteristics and phenotypes, which differentiate it from the sativa and indica varieties, although there is still debate as to whether it is actually a subspecies of the sativa family. The acronym THC is a shortened way of describing tetrahydrocannabinol, which produces reactions in the human nervous system that range from therapeutic to hallucinatory. So what can we learn from this short, sweet and simple answer? You're probably familiar with indicas and sativa because they are the two varieties that most often appear in “intellectual discussions about cannabis”. If you search for a description on Google, it says that this is a single cannabis plant that has been providing buds for decades.

Cannabis is famous for its distinctive spicy scent, but many are unaware of how varied its scent can be. In recent months, CBD, a shortened way of describing the chemical cannabidiol, has become a popular ingredient in everything from cosmetics to detoxifying beverages. Fragrant gardens are well known for their mood-boosting benefits, and adding cannabis can ensure that every walk in the garden is an intoxicating experience.

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