Are cannabis stocks dead?

Access to this page has been denied because we believe that you are using automation tools to navigate the website. My experience beyond academia is cannabis, and it has long been my experience. I had a lot of long positions in cannabis companies, and only as an investment. And I knew a lot about the stock market, but I wasn't reading all the coverage, right? And when I realized that this whole new sector had been born, I thought: well, I had to write about it.

Because I knew a lot about it. It just wasn't a machine with the analysis, I really didn't know that I couldn't really know it, I didn't have the confidence to be able to write stock market analysis. But then I met a guy from investment funds and he said no, you should write about these things. And that's how diligently he went to town.

He's the guy who got me into Seeking Alpha. Marijuana stocks started the year at high levels, but have been up and down lately. However, the euphoria hasn't died out and even without federal legalization, marijuana stocks are doing well. Although Canada doesn't have much in British Columbia, but in other provinces, of course, you sell your cannabis to the government and the government distributes it to stores.

Curaleaf was smart to expand into the Arizona market, which recently legalized recreational cannabis. Village Farms sells in addition to cannabis, grows vegetables in the United States and sells them, and then they are ready to turn all that raw space in the United States and South Texas into cannabis space after legalization. Canopy Growth, if you look at stocks every day, Canopy Growth has strong bullish momentum, probably having the biggest trade momentum of all cannabis stocks. It is slowly expanding its roots to other key cannabis markets, with 159 dispensaries across the country.

Of course, there are also a lot of problems in the way people cover cannabis focusing only on legalization, right, whereas for Canadian companies that's just going to make a big difference. And when people think I'm going to play cannabis, they're not necessarily going to read all the companies, but they're going to play big dogs, even if those big dogs don't work so well, Canopy Growth. I don't see these companies much with biotechnological cannabis too, yes, none of them were very impressive. But once again, a good cannabis basket is going to have a little bit of everything in its investment basket.

Therefore, we will see that difference at the same time as in the recreational markets for American cannabis, there will be price compression. Cannabis, of course, as you say, is a global market with an enormous number of people using it for both medical and recreational purposes. Both companies target limited-license markets that restrict the number of licenses they offer to each cannabis producer. And I remind everyone, including myself, that all cannabis is here today, there hasn't been, it's actually gone down beyond the year to date, it's almost down 12 months overall.

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